Our Quality Policy:

"Tupperware2u is a company that provides consultancy, selling and delivery services with high quality standard. We are committed in our services and use our resources to give our full support of all customer needs". 

 Our Mission:

 - To bring all our expertise direct to the customers and grow together with us for better future life.      



 We are fast growing online company that provides Tupperware product consultation, selling and delivering services. Our website was set up in 2011 by our founder Pn Khairiah Affitah who has innovative and creative thinking.

The company was started in 2007 when the founder joined as a Tupperware consultant. She has sold a lots of Tupperware products using direct selling techniques. She meets her customers via home party, one to one selling, sponsoring etc. 


With our vast experience in Tupperware products information and knowledge, we moved one step ahead by delivering Tupperware products nationally. We managed to deliver the Tupperware products to all Malaysian customers by providing them fast and efficient delivery process. All products were delivered on time with highly customers satisfaction. In future we are looking for worldwide market. 

We provide consultancy services on how to properly use Tupperware products and optimised the features and benefits.   


We have good background in chemistry and have successfully done some researches regarding environmental and polymer chemistry. We have a good reason why we strongly recommend peoples to use Tupperware in their daily life. 

"The founder of Tupperware (Mr Earl Tupper) is a Chemist who created the Tupperware product material formulation".    

No. 27, Jalan Keruing 1A/2
Taman Keruing
Rasa, Selangor 44200


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